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Ritesh Deshmukh Housefull dialogues
1. Har baa, har aura, teri biwi aur meri behen ban jaati ha, aur teri kismat kharab hai, Everytim, every lad, becomes your wife and my siste, and your luck is bad, Destiny, Luck, Comedy, Women 2. Oh meri cutie pi, audh ke raza, without angda, main hoon tumhara patt, tu meri lugui Oh my cutie pi, you are wrapped in a blanke, and you aren't stretchin, I am your husband and you are my woman Married, Comedy
Lara Dutta Housefull dialogues
1. Yeh mere patti nahi ha, patti parmeshwar hai He is not my husban, he is my God-husband Married
Jiah Khan Housefull dialogues
1. Agar rishta upar waale ne banaya h, toh koi aaisa tumhari zindagi mein aayeg, Jotumhari kismat badal dega If God has made the relationshi, then someone will come in your lif, who will change your destiny Romance, Life, Destiny, Luck 2. Sharam aur laaj toh aurat ka gehna hota hai Shyness and reservedness are the jewels of a woman Women
Deepika Padukone Housefull dialogues
1. Jab koi kisi ki jaan bachata ha, woh zindagi jaan bachane waale ki ho jaati hai When a person saves someone's lif, then that life belongs to the person who saves it Life, Drama 2. Jis jhoot se kisi ka ghar basta ha, woh jhoo, jhoot nahi hota A lie that helps make a famil, is not a lie Cheating, Family, Drama
Chunky Pandey Housefull dialogues
1. Shara, laa, gehn, in teeno mein se isne kuch nahi pehna Shynes, reservednes, jewelr, she doesn't have any of the three Comedy
Akshay Kumar Housefull dialogues
1. Jis jhoot se ghar basta ha, woh gha, ghar nahi hota A home that is made on lie, is not a home House, Cheating, Drama

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