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Sarika Purani Jeans dialogues
1. Jinko zindagi mein pyar karte hai n, woh hum mein hamesha nahi milte People whom we love in lif, we don't get them always Life, Drama
Anonymous Purani Jeans dialogues
1. Dosti na guitar ke strings ki tarah hoti ha, ek baar tuning theek beth jaaye n, har ek taar important hota hai Friendship is like the strings of a guita, once it is tuned wel, then every string becomes important Friendship, Inspiration 2. Zindagi mein dost toh kahi aate ha, lekin purane dost us jeans ki tarah hote ha, jisse pehente hi you become fre, free to be yourself In life we get a lot of friend, but old friends are like that pair of jean, which on wearing you become fre, free to be yourself Friendship, Clothes, Life 3. Alph, bet, gamm, thet, Johai sexy woh hai jeeta Alph, bet, gamm, thet, the one who is sexy will win Technical, Win, Strong will, Success, Comedy 4. Hamesha saath saath since our teen, always wear purani jeans We've always been together since our teen, always wear old jeans Clothes, Friendship, Comedy 5. Purani jeans ke saath dostana hamar, par teri yaari mein yaar, dheela padh gaya friendship da naada We have a friendship with old jean, but in your friendship my frien, the knot of friendship has become loose Poetic, Friendship, Clothes 6. Parties hongi roc, aur daru hogi uncork Parties will roc, and alcohol will uncork Food, Comedy

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