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Purab Kohli Airlift dialogues
1. Waise Delhi ko bhi kya kosna, yahan bahut se hain jinki ginti mein 10 din pahle Dilli nahin thi. Kuwaiti samajhne lage the apne aapko. By the way, why to curse Delhi, there are many people out here who doesn't even know Delhi 10 days earlier. They were thinking, they were Kuwaitis. Patriotism
Nimrat Kaur Airlift dialogues
1. Ab jo sabka hoga, hamara hoga Now whatever happen to others, same will happen to us Courage
Inaamulhaq Airlift dialogues
1. Mauka hai family lekar nikal jao, social work me lag gaye to phans jaaoge There is an opportunity leave with your family, you will get entangled if indulge in social work Social
Akshay Kumar Airlift dialogues
1. Ji main fansne walon mein se nahi hoon I am not the one who will get entraped. Courage 2. Mujhe bhi yahan se nikalna hai par in sab logon ka arrangement karne ke baad I also want to get out of where but only after the arrangement of all of these people. Social 3. Aapko jo karna hai jaldi kariye, kyunki hum log yahan se nikal rahe hain. Whatever you want to do make it snappy because we are leaving from here Drama 4. Hamari koi aukat nahi, Agar hamari pehchan hai to sirf ek ki hum Kuwaiti nahi Hindustani hain. Saath hain toh kuch hain, warna nothing We have no worth. If we have any identity then, it's that that we are not Kuwaiti, we are Indians. If we are together then we are something otherwise nothing. Truth 5. Airlift! Hindustaniyon ke liye Hindustan ki sabse kamayab koshish Airlift! The most successfu effort of India for the Indians. Patriotism 6. Aadami ki fitarat hi aisi hai Ibrahim, chot lagati hai na aadmi Maa-Maa hi chillata hai This is human's nature, Ibrahim. Whenever gets hurt, he always shouts "Maa" Truth 7. We need help and we need it right now. We need help and we need it right now. Help

The thriller movie is based on the real-life rescue operation executed by Indian Airforce to Airlift 170k Indians in Kuwait after the assassination by Saddam Hussain.We have 20 movie quotes of Airlift bollywood movie.