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Paresh Rawal Rann dialogues
1. Sher ko raj karne ke liye bakriyon ko bali banaana zaruri hai The goats have to be sacrificed by lio? in order to rule Animals, Negative
Mohnish Bahl Rann dialogues
1. Soch se sachh ko sirf dekho ma? jahan zarurat pade usey bataaya bhi karo Don't just watch the truth with your though? you should also tell whenever required Inspiration, Justice 2. Sirf talent kaafi nahin hot? talent ko sahi jagah par istemaal karna jaanana chaahiye Talent itself is not adequat? one should know to use it in right place Inspiration
Anonymous Rann dialogues
1. Jahan paisa lagataa hai waha sirf ek maksad hona chaahiy? paisa banaana! There should be only one aim of "making money? where money is utilized Money, Business
Amitabh Bachchan Rann dialogues
1. Jahan laqshya hona chaahiye tha khabren aur madhyam hona chaahiye tha paisa
Waha aaj paisa ban gaya hai laqshya aur khabren kewal madhyam
Where the aim should be the news and medium should be the money
No? on that place money has become the aim and news are merely a medium
News, Social, Money 2. Jurm jitna sangeen hota hai usey chhupane ke tarike bhi utne hi khatarnaak hote jate hain The more compicated crime i? the more dangerous are the ways of hiding that Crime 3. Khabren banti nahin banaayi jati hai News do not create on there ow? they are being made News 4. Koyi hindu ya musalman nahin hot? sab log hote hain No one is Hindu or Musli? All are people Unity

The screenplay is written by Rohit G Banawlikar. Rohit G Banawlikar has written the dialogues of Rann. Rann is a political, thriller starring Amitabh Bachchan, Ritesh Deshmukh, Paresh Rawal, Gul Panaag and Sudeep in the lead roles. The film failed to perform on the box office and passed only 12 crore rupees mark after its release on 29th of January, 2010 and received mixed reviews from the critics. Ram Gopal Verma has directed the bollywood movie.We have 16 movie quotes of Rann bollywood movie.