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Vidya Balan Paa dialogues
1. Baap banne ka matlab sirf bachcha paida karna nahi hota Becoming a fathe, does not only mean to give birth to a child Parents, Drama 2. Har insaan sapne dekhta ha, lekin sapne mein hichki aa jaye n, toh sapna toot jaata hai Every person dream, but if you get hiccups in the drea, then the dream breaks Dreams, Drama
Paresh Rawal Paa dialogues
1. Aage badna hai toh pehle peeche hatna seekho If you want to move ahead then first learn to step back Inspiration
Anonymous Paa dialogues
1. Jogalati karta ha, woh galati sehne waale se zyada hurt hota hai One who does the mistak, is hurt more than the person who suffers by the mistake Drama
Abhishek Bachchan Paa dialogues
1. Yeh mera ter, tera mer, is duniya ki sabsi badi problem hai This is mine and that is your, is the biggest problem of this world Inspiration, Drama 2. Taqat badhne se zimmedariyan bhi badh jaati hai With great power comes great responsibility Drama 3. Patient ko maarne se bemaari nahi marti The disease doesn't die by killing the patient Drama

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