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Paresh Rawal Nayak dialogues
1. Tumhari tarah Mahatma Gandhi bahet gaye hote ghar mei, biwi biwi beta beta karte huy, toh tum aaj bhi kisi angrez ke ghar mein latrine saaf kar rahe hote If like you Mahatma Gandhi would had sat in the house doing wife wife son so, then even today you would have be cleaning a toilet in an Englishman's house Inspiration, Patriotism, Drama 2. Politics ek gutter hai! Politics is a gutter! Politics 3. Tumhare jaise log is desh ke liye shraap hai People like you are a curse to this country Patriotism 4. Is desh mein bhalai karna sabse badi galati hai In this country doing a good deed is the biggest mistake Drama 5. Ek taraf case chalta rehta ha, doosri taraf woh aish karta rehta hai On one side the case goes o, on the other side he keeps enjoying Law, Justice
Johnny Lever Nayak dialogues
1. Abhe bagar pani ke magarmach Hey you crocodile without water Animals, Comedy
Anonymous Nayak dialogues
1. Zindagi mein bhi VCR ki tarah rewind button hot, toh kitna achcha hota If life had a rewind button just like the VC, then it would have been great Life, Technical 2. Tu idiot box dekh dekh ke idiot jaisi baatein karti hai You talk like an idiot after watching the idiot box (TV) to much Comedy

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