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Kiron Kher Kambakkht Ishq dialogues
1. Hormones dimag mein gus jaate ha, aur dimag sadh jaata hai Hormones get inside the min, and the mind gets rusted Comedy
Kareena Kapoor Kambakkht Ishq dialogues
1. Agar stuntman ko acting aat, to woh hero nahi ban jaate If only the stuntman knew how to ac, they would become heroes Comedy
Javed Jaffrey Kambakkht Ishq dialogues
1. Joaadmi pehda hoke susu nahi sue karta ha, bada hoke kitna bada suvar banega A boy who sues instead of peeing when he is bor, will become the biggest plaintiff when he grows up Comedy 2. Death and shit wait for no ma, they come anywhere anytime Death and shit wait for no ma, they come anywhere anytime Death, Comedy 3. Jhulelal Jokamaa, hot and sexy baby doll It is God's grac, that you are a hot and sexy baby doll Religious, Comedy
Akshay Kumar Kambakkht Ishq dialogues
1. Haath toh lagake dekhaoo tum mujh, mere saare lawyers tumko haath lagayenge sab jagah Try laying your hands on m, all my lawyers will lay hands on you in all places Comedy, Law, Justice 2. Kar jaye aisi ki tais, yeh kambakht ishq cheez hai hi aisi It screws yo, this bloody love thing is like that only Poetic, Romance

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