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Tabu Jeet dialogues
1. Sau kutte milkar bhi khule sher ka shikaar nahi kar sakte Even 100 dogs together cannot hunt a free tiger Animals, Action 2. Chehre pe itna noor tumhar, aankhon mein itna pya, aaisa laga milkar jais, aaj mile hai hum pehli baar There is so much beauty on your fac, so much love in your eye, after meeting you toda, I felt as if we are meeting for the first time Poetic, Romance 3. Kaash unke zulm ki mujhe khabar hot, toh main tere jism par apna jism bicha deti I wish I knew about their injustic, then I would have spread my body on top of your body Drama 4. Duniya ne toh apne dil nafrat se is kadhar bhar liye ha, ki kisi aur shay ke tikne ki jagah hi nahi bachi The world has filled its hearts with so much hatre, that nothing else can fit in there Drama 5. Police ke insaaf aur zulm mein koi farak nahi There is no difference in the justice and the injustice provided by police Police, Drama
Sunny Deol Jeet dialogues
1. In haathon ne sirf hathyaar chode ha, chalana nahi bhoole These hands have only left the weapon, they have not forgotton using them Action 2. Aaj ke baad teri har saans ke peeche main maut bankar khada hoon From today onwards I will be standing like death behind every breathe of yours Death, Action 3. Lashein bhicha doonga lashein! I will spread dead bodies! Action 4. Patharon ki is duniya mein devta banna toh bahut aasaan ha, insaan banna bahut mushkil In this world of stones it is very easy to become Go, but very hard to become a human Drama, Religious
Salman Khan Jeet dialogues
1. Kasoor na mera hai na ter, kasoor hamare daaman ka ha, jis mein phool bhi gir, toh kaante ban gaye It is not my faul, neither your, the fault is of our mora, in which even if flowers fal, then they become thorns Drama, Plants 2. Agar mujhe malum hota ki mujhe dekhkar tumhare chehre pe hazaar watt ki muskaan phail jat, toh main kab ka aa chuka hota If I knew that there will be a 1000 watts smile on your face after seeing m, then I would have come much earlier Comedy
Mohan Joshi Jeet dialogues
1. Aaj Jokhoon apne khoon ke liye pani ho sakta ha, kal hum sabke liye zehar bhi ban sakta hai Today the blood that can become water for its own bloo, tomorrow it can also become poison for all of us Drama
Karisma Kapoor Jeet dialogues
1. Hum usse hi dushman samajhte rah, Johamare liye masiha tha We kept thinking he was our enem, who actually was our savior Enemy, Drama 2. Hum sab kuch chhod deng, yeh gha, yeh duniy, yeh zindagi I will leave everythin, this hous, this worl, this life House, Life
Dalip Tahil Jeet dialogues
1. Hamari duniya daulat aur maut ka woh chakravyuh ha, jis mein ek baar dakhil ho ja, toh koi vapsi nahi Our world is such a labyrinth of money and deat, in which once you ente, then there is no return Money, Death
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