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Vivek Oberoi Fool N Final dialogues
1. Aakha duniya ghum sakta hai bos, lekin apun ka zabaan ghumega nahi The whole world can spi, but my tongue won't spin Comedy 2. Haath mein ghoda hone se goli nahi chalt, jigra chahiye The bullet doesn't fire just by having the gun in your han, you need courage for that Courage, Action
Shahid Kapoor Fool N Final dialogues
1. Ek beta gaya hai apna farz nibhan, doosra yahan apna farz nibhayega One son has gone to fulfill his dut, the other will fulfill his duty here Drama
Paresh Rawal Fool N Final dialogues
1. Abhe tu driver hai ki screwdriver hai, Are you a driver or a screwdriver, Comedy 2. Jiski laathi uski bhain, nikaal cash The buffalo belongs to the one who has the stic, now give me the cash Animals, Money, Comedy
Arbaaz Khan Fool N Final dialogues
1. Yeh Dubai ha, yahan reham nah, sirf paisa aur luck chalta hai This is Duba, here only money and luck work, not mercy Places, Money, Destiny, Luck

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