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Sushma Seth Dhadkan dialogues
1. Syana woh hota hai Jowaqt ke rukh ko dekhka, jhukna seekh, aur rukh badalte dekhka, dushman ko jhukana seekhe A smart person is one who learns to bow down with the direction of tim, and seeing the change in direction can teach the enemy to bow down Time, Enemy, Drama
Sunil Shetty Dhadkan dialogues
1. Main tumhe bhool jaon yeh ho nahi sakt, aur tum mujhe bhool jao yeh main hone nahi doonga Me forgetting you is never going to happe, and you forgetting me I won't let that happen Romance 2. Meri kismat mujhpe kya roheg, tumhari mohabbat Jomere saath hai My destiny can't cry on m, your love is there with me Destiny, Luck, Romance 3. Koi bhi mazaak karl, lekin apne se bichadne ki baat mazaak mein bhi mat karna You can joke about anythin, but don't talk about separating from you even in a joke also Romance 4. Tumhare haathon mein woh rekhayein ha, Jomere haathon mein nahi ha, tumhare maathe pe woh lakeerein ha, Jomere maathe par nahi hai You have those palm lines on your han, which I don't have on my han, and the destiny you have on your forehea, I don't have that on my forehead Destiny, Luck, Drama 5. Kyun main jeet ke bhi haar gay, aur woh haar kar bhi jeet gaya, Why did I lose even after winnin, and why did he win even after losing, Win, Strong will, Success, Defeat & Failure, Drama 6. Kaun saala marta ha, aur agar marr bhi gaya memsaa, toh hamesha ke liye dhadkonga tumhare seene mei, tumhari dhadkan bankar Who the hell die, and even if I die mada, then I will beat forever in yo, by becoming your heartbeat Romance 7. Is janam toh ky, woh saat janamon tak jeet nahi sakta Forget this lif, he can't win for the next seven lives Win, Strong will, Success 8. Bahut waqt ke baa, yeh waqt aaya hai After a long tim, has this time come Time, Drama
Parmeet Sethi Dhadkan dialogues
1. Rishteydari ki keemat toh chukani hi padti hai is desh mein One has to pay the price of relations in this country Comedy
Kiran Kumar Dhadkan dialogues
1. Joizza, shradh, pyar ek beti de sakti ha, woh ek beta kabhi nahi de sakt, lekin main yeh bhool gaya th, Josharmindg, Jozalalat ek beti de sakti ha, woh bhi ek beta kabhi nahi deta The respec, fait, love a daughter can giv, a son can never give tha, but I had forgotton tha, the sham, the disgrace a daughter can giv, even that a son can never give Women, Men, Drama 2. Duniya mein shayad hi aise koi maa baap honge Joapni aulaad ko zakhm dena chaheng, lekin na jaane kitni aisi anginat aulaadein ha, Joapne maa baap ka seena zakhmon se challi kar dalti hai aur uff tak nahi karti There won't be any parents in this world who will want to hurt their chil, but there are uncountable childre, who tear apart their parents hearts and they don't even care Parents, Drama 3. Tu kal bhi badtameez th, tu aaj bhi badtameez hai You were mannerless yesterda, and you are mannerless even today Comedy
Akshay Kumar Dhadkan dialogues
1. Nafrat ko sirf mohabbat se jeeta ja sakta ha, sirf mohabbat se Hatred can only be won by lov, only love Drama, Romance 2. Tum log sab jhoot bol rahe h, najane kitne di, kitne mahin, kitne saal jhoot pe jhoot pe jhoot bolte aay, aur main chup chap bardaasht karta raha All you people are lyin, since how many day, month, years you all have lied and lied and lie, and I have been tolerating that Cheating, Drama
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