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Sunny Deol Damini dialogues
1. Tarikh par tarik, tarikh par tarik, tarikh par tarik, tarikh par tarikh milti rahi ha, lekin insaaf nahi mila my lor, insaaf nahi mil, mili hai toh sirf yeh tarikh Date on dat, date on dat, date on dat, we have got date on dat, but we haven't received justice my lor, no justic, all we have got is this date Law, Justice, Drama 2. Jab yeh dhai kilo ka haath kisi pe padta hai n, toh aadmi uthta nah, utth jata hai When this two and half kg hand will fall on someon, then he won't get u, he will go straight up Action, Death 3. Maidan mein khule sher ka samna karog, tumhare mard hone ki galatphami door ho jayegi If you confront a free tiger in a groun, your mistake of believing that you are a man will be corrected Animals, Action, Men 4. Bijli ka woh jhatka lageg, ki tu jhatakna bhool jayega You will get such an electric shoc, that you will forget jolting Action 5. Chilaao ma, nahi toh yeh case yahin rafaa dafaa kar doong, na tarikh na sunwaie, seedha insaaf woh bhi taabartop Don't shou, other I will dismiss this case here itsel, no date no hearin, direct justice and to right away Law, Justice 6. Judge order order karta raheg, aur tu pittaa rahega Judge will keeping shouting order orde, and your beating will go on Action, Law, Justice 7. Aaise khilone bazaar mein bahut bikte ha, magar isse khelne ke liye Jojigar chahiye n, woh duniya ke kisi bazaar mein nahi bikt, mard usse lekar pehda hota hai Toys like this sell a lot in the marke, but the courage that you need to play with the, is not sold in any market of this worl, a man is born with that Courage, Drama
Rishi Kapoor Damini dialogues
1. Jee karta ha, tumhari har khwais, har ichcha ko apna maqsad bana loon I feel lik, I should make every desir, every wish of yours as my goal Romance 2. Kabhi kabhi barso saath rehne ke baad bhi koi rishta nahi bant, koi pehchaan nahi bant, aur kabhi kabhi ek hi mulaqat mein aaisa lagta ha, jaise ki barso se jaante ho Sometimes even after living together for years no relationship is forme, no recognition is forme, and sometimes in one meeting it feels lik, we know the person since years Romance
Paresh Rawal Damini dialogues
1. Waqt pe shaadi na kar, toh aadmi bahek hi jaata hai If you don't get married in tim, then a man gets wandered Wedding, Comedy
Meenakshi Sheshadri Damini dialogues
1. Sach bolne se kabhi kisika nuksaan nahi hua ha, aur na hi ho sakta hai No has suffered a loss by saying the trut, and never can that happen Truth, Social, Drama
Anonymous Damini dialogues
1. Pyar toh woh vardaan ha, Jokismat waalo ko milta hai Love is a blessin, which only the lucky get Romance 2. Duniya ki har adaalat se badi ek adaalat ha, woh hai insaan ka apna zameer There is a court bigger than every court of this worl, and that is the conscience of a person Drama
Amrish Puri Damini dialogues
1. Aaisi nass dabaoonga ki cheenk nikal jayegi I will press such a nerve that you will shout Action 2. Yeh adaalat ha, koi mandir ya dargah nahi jahan mannatein aur muraadein poori hoti ha, yahan dhoop batti aur narayal nah, balki thos saboot aur gawah pesh kiye jaate hai This is a cour, not a temple or a shrine where wishes and desires get fulfille, here we don't bring incense sticks and coconut, instead we show solid proofs and witnesses Law, Justice, Drama
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