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Sanjay Dutt Daag The Fire dialogues
1. Jis din tu isse zindagi deg, main isse maut doong, mau, sirf maut! The day you give him lif, I will give him deat, deat, only death! Death, Action, Life 2. Har baimaan aur bure aadmi ke seene mein khauf bhar dena chahta hoon main I want to fill fear in the chest of every cheater and bad person Drama 3. Bahadur toh sab hote ha, main zara sa lucky hoon Everyone is courageou, I am a little lucky Destiny, Luck, Courage
Mohan Joshi Daag The Fire dialogues
1. Hum amir is liye hain ki kyun k, hum mein gareebon ko gareeb banaye rakhne ki technique aati hai We are rich becaus, we know the technique of keeping the poo, poor Comedy
Deepak Shirke Daag The Fire dialogues
1. Humne chidiya ka naksha manga th, chidiye ke ghosle ka nahi I had asked for the map of the bir, not of the birds nest Animals, Comedy
Chandrachur Singh Daag The Fire dialogues
1. Tum saans leti h, toh mera dil dhadakta hai When you breat, then my heart beats Romance 2. Agar ye sach ha, toh main isse jhooth sabit kar doonga If this is the trut, then I will prove this to be a lie Truth, Social, Cheating, Drama

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