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Ronit Roy Boss dialogues
1. Maut ko toh yunhi log badnaam karte ha, takleef toh zindagi deti hai People simply defame deat, life is the one that gives the suffering Death, Life, Drama 2. Teri hi mitti par tere khandaan ke saath tujhe mitti mein milaonga I will bring you and your family down to dust on your ground Family, Action
Mithun Chakraborty Boss dialogues
1. Ab zindagi tujhe takleef nahi deg, woh takleef dega tujhe Now life won't give you any troubl, God will give you the trouble Life, Drama 2. Tujh jaise zehar ko maarne ke liy, zehar hi kaam aayega To kill a poisonous person like yo, poison will be useful Drama 3. Ghaav toh woh bharte hai Joshareer par lage h, is ghaav ne toh meri aatma par chot pahunchayi hai Only wounds that are on the body hea, this wound has hurt my soul Drama 4. Rishtey hone se rishta nahi bant, rishtey nibhane se rishta banta hai A relationship is not made just by being in a relatio, a relationship is made by fulfilling a relation Inspiration, Drama 5. Pani kitna bhi ganda ho jaay, aag bhujane ke liye kaafi hota hai No matter how dirty the water get, it can still eliminate the fire Drama 6. Har waqt har pal tujhse takrane chattaan aa raha ha, mere bete ke liye tujhse ladne tera baap aa raha hai A mountain is coming to collide with you every momen, every tim, your father is coming to fight you for my son Poetic, Action
Danny Denzongpa Boss dialogues
1. Har sant ka ek beeta hua kal hota ha, aur har paapi ka ek aane waala kal hota hai Every saint has a pas, and every sinful person has a future to come Drama 2. Jeeyo itna ki zindagi kam padh jaav, hasso itna ki rona mushkil ho jaav, gusse ko thook do aur haste haste apne dushmano ko phook do Live so much that life feels shor, laugh so much that crying becomes har, spit your anger out and laughingly eliminate your enemy Enemy, Inspiration, Life 3. Common chora nahi hai ye, kyun ki baat common sense ki kare hai He is not a common bo, because he is talking common sense Comedy
Anonymous Boss dialogues
1. Kuch faisle bina sooche liye jaate ha, aur woh faisle dil se hote hai Some decisions are taken without thinkin, and those decisions are from the heart Drama
Akshay Kumar Boss dialogues
1. Boss ka khoon bolta nah, khaulta ha, aur jab yeh khaulta ha, toh yeh boss ek ek ko phodta hai The blood of the boss doesn't say anythin, it only boil, and when it boil, then this boss will break each one of you Action 2. Beech mein nah bol! Don't talk in between! Comedy 3. The boss is always right! The boss is always right! Job
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