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Sanjay Dutt Blue dialogues
1. Samundar ki machl, ladki ka dil aur currency note pe kisi ka naam nahi likha hot, jiske haath lagi uss hi ki sagi A fish in the se, a girls heart and a currency note does not have a name written on i, it belongs to the person who has it Money, Comedy 2. Dua karta hoon dos, ke tujhe is gusse ka saamna nahi karna padhe My friend I'll pra, that you should never have to confront with my anger Drama
Rahul Dev Blue dialogues
1. Duniya ka sabse bada nash, risk! The world's biggest intoxication i, risk! World & Universe 2. Aksar meri awaaz sunne se pehl, log apne maut ki aahat sunte hai Most of the time before hearing my voic, people hear the sound of their death Action, Death
Akshay Kumar Blue dialogues
1. Choti moti machliya pakadne se kya hog, chalo koi bada haath maro What will we get by catching these small fishe, let's try for a big catch Drama, Animals 2. Aadmi apne aap se bhaag sakta ha, apni kismat se nahin A man can run away from himsel, but not from his fate Destiny, Luck 3. Jis din haar jaoong, duniya chod doonga The day I los, I will leave the world Defeat & Failure, Death

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