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Sanjay Dutt Zanjeer New dialogues
1. Sher Khan baimaani ka dhanda bhi imaandari se karta hai Sher Khan does even the business of dishonesty with honesty Cheating, Truth, Social, Drama 2. Mumbai mein insaan ki keemat uski supari se hoti hai The value of a person in Mumbai is determined by the amount of money that is paid to kill him Places, Money 3. Tere paas do options ha, ya apne pairon pe cha, ya mere kandhe par You have two option, either walk on your leg, or go on my shoulder Action 4. Kanoon ke haath lambe hote ha, pair nahi The hands of the law are lon, not his legs Law, Justice, Comedy
Ram Charan Zanjeer New dialogues
1. Jab tak baithne ke liye na kaha jaaye sharafat se khade rah, yeh police station hai tumhare baap ka ghar nahi Stand straight until you are asked to si, this is a police statio, not your father's house Police, Drama, House 2. Kal tak mere paas tumhe na chune ke orders the, aaj tumhari maarne ke tarike hai Until yesterday I had the orders for not touching yo, but today I have many ways to kill you Action 3. Aapka pasina garmi se nikla ya darr se, Are you sweating because of the heat or are you scared, Comedy 4. Mujhe seniors bulate hai firing den, ya criminals dhamki dene Seniors call me to fire m, or criminals call me to threaten me Crime, Drama 5. Main ghisne ke liye tayaar hoo, ghiskar chalne ke liye nahi I am ready to slo, but I am not ready to be thrashed Drama
Prakash Raj Zanjeer New dialogues
1. Yahan se uthe toh seedhe gaon chale jaan, kyun ki har baar taqdeer mein hospital nahi hoga When you get up from her, go straight to your villag, because your fate will not bring you to the hospital every time Action, Destiny, Luck 2. Jiska haath kandhe par h, wahi gardan tak aasani se pahunchta hai One who has the hand on someones shoulde, he can easily reach their neck Drama 3. Agar good news nahi sun, toh tera family bad news sunega If I don't hear the good new, then your family will hear the bad news Family, Comedy 4. Shak jab tak kam hai toh theek ha, bimaari ban jaaye toh musibat khadi kar deta hai Until the suspicion is smal, it's o, if it becomes a sickness then it causes a lot of trouble Drama 5. Chicken aur chick, the two "Meows" of life Chicken and chick, are the two "Meows" of life Animals, Life, Comedy 6. Lalach khata, tarakki khatam If the greed die, then the progress also dies Drama
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