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Pooja Bhatt Zakhm dialogues
1. Meri pehchaan tum dono ki zindagi mein ek zakhm hai My identity is a wound in both of your lifes Drama, Food, House
Avtar Gill Zakhm dialogues
1. Baat dushman ne kahi ha, par baat bilkul sahi hai The point is made by the enem, but the point is exactly right Enemy
Ashutosh Rana Zakhm dialogues
1. Jab bura waqt aata hai n, insaan ko apne kadh se ooncha sochna chahiye When bad time come, a human should think higher than his stands Time, Inspiration 2. Hamari zindagi hamari hote huye bhi hamesha hamari nahi hoti ha, hum mein woh zindagi bhi jeeni padti hai jise jeene ki log humse umeed karte hai Our life being ours is still not always our, we also have to live the life what others expect us to live Life, Drama 3. Aandhi jab chalti hai n, toh haath chhodne ka nah, haath thaamne ka waqt hota hai When there is a storm blowin, then it's the time to hold a han, not to leave it Weather, Time, Drama
Anonymous Zakhm dialogues
1. Arey bewakoo, kuve ka pani peena hai toh jaake kuve pe pe, ghar mein kyun kuva khod raha hai tu, You foo, if you want to drink the water from the well then go to the well and drin, why are you digging a well inside the house, Comedy, Food, House
Ajay Devgan Zakhm dialogues
1. Maa aur mulk badle nahi jate One does not change their mother and country Patriotism, Parents 2. Duniya ka koi bhi dhar, ek bete ko apni maa ki aakhri ichcha poori karne se nahi rok sakta No religion of this worl, can stop a son from fulfilling his mom's final wish Drama, Parents 3. Aakhri waqt pe toh dushman bhi saath deta hai At the last moment even an enemy gives support Enemy, Drama

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