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Shahrukh Khan Yes Boss dialogues
1. Aadmi achcha hoo, iraada nek hai aur mausam first class ha, chale, I am a good ma, intention is good and the weather is grea, can we go, Weather 2. Tu bhi chup chap kehta j, yes bos, yes bos, yes boss You also keep saying quietl, yes bos, yes bos, yes boss Job 3. Meri shaadi mere sapne se ho chuki hai I am married to my dream Wedding, Dreams 4. Dil ki gali bahut choti hoti ha, us mein yah toh paisa reh sakta ha, yah pyar The lane of the heart is very smal, in it either money can sta, or love Romance, Money 5. Joker agar baazi bana sakta ha, toh joker baazi bhigaad bhi sakta hai If a joker can win the gam, then the joker can also destroy the game Gambling 6. Pehle shaura, baad mein aurat First mone, and then honey Money, Comedy 7. Achche logon ke saath hamesha achcha hota hai Good things always happen with good people Drama 8. Zindagi ki har baat sirf sach yah jhoot nahin hoti Everything in life is not only either true or false Life, Truth, Social, Cheating
Juhi Chawla Yes Boss dialogues
1. Do kamzoor insaan ek kamyaab zindagi nahin bana sakte Two weak people cannot make a successful life Life, Drama
Johnny Lever Yes Boss dialogues
1. Kapde jitne chote hote hai, kaamyabi utni hi badi hoti hai The shorter the clothe, the bigger the success Clothes, Win, Strong will, Success
Aditya Pancholi Yes Boss dialogues
1. Is duniya mein agar tum sach dheere se bologe toh koi nahin maneg, aur agar jhoo, jhoot chila chila kar bologe toh sab maan jaate hain In this world if you say the truth softly then no one will believe i, and li, if you shout and say the lie then everyone believes it Truth, Social, Cheating

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