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Vijay Arora Yaadon Ki Baaraat dialogues
1. Jab dil bahut kuch kehne ko chahe aur zubaan saath na d, toh yeh mohabbat ki pehli seedi hoti hai When the heart wants to say a lot and the words don't give suppor, then that is the first step to love Romance 2. Pilana bhi farz tha toh kuch bhi pila diya hot, sharaab kam thi toh pani mila diya hota If it was your duty to make me drin, then you could have given me anythin, if the alcohol was les, then you could have added some water Poetic, Food
Dharmendra Yaadon Ki Baaraat dialogues
1. Main apne plan khud banata hoon I make my own plans Drama 2. In kandhon par wahi sar hai jisne katna seekha ha, jhukna nahi The head on these shoulders has learnt to be choppe, but not to bow down Drama, Inspiration 3. Main tere napaak khoon se haath nahi rangoonga I won't color my hands with your dirty blood Action 4. Joapni jaan par khelte ha, woh apni manzil par khud pahunch jaate hai People who play with their lif, they reach their destination by themselves Life, Drama
Ajit Khan Yaadon Ki Baaraat dialogues
1. Shakaal jab baazi khelta ha, toh jitne patte uske haath mein hote ha, utne hi uski aasteen mein When Shakaal plays a be, then the number of cards he has in his hand, the same number of cards he has in his sleeve Gambling, Drama

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