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Rati Agnihotri Yaadein dialogues
1. Jomaa baap apne bachchon ke kyun aur kab ka jawab nahi de sakt, woh kabhi unke dost bhi nahi ban sakte Parents who cannot answer the whys and the whens of their childre, they can never become their friends Parents, Friendship, Drama
Kareena Kapoor Yaadein dialogues
1. Badhon se baat badhe hi kiya karte hai Only elders talk to the elders Family, Drama
Jackie Shroff Yaadein dialogues
1. Duniya mein yun aan, duniya se yun jaan, aao toh le aan, jao toh de jaan, yaadei, yaadei, yaadein Come in this worl, go from this worl, get when you com, leave behind when you g, memorie, memorie, memories Poem, Inspiration
Hrithik Roshan Yaadein dialogues
1. Tum jaisi ladkiyan jab pyar mein padti hai n, toh great love stories banti hai When girls like you fall in lov, then great love stories are made Romance 2. Pehle din inkaar kiy, duje din iqraar k, teeje din pyar kiya First day she denie, second day she agree, third day she fell in love Romance 3. Is duniya mein aaisa koi nahi bacha jisse kabhi na kabh, kahin na kahi, kisi na kisi se mohabbat na hui h, aur us mohabbat mein kuch mile toh kuch bhichad gay, par unki mohabbat hamesha zinda rahi hai In this world there is no one person left who has never been in love sometim, somewhere and with someon, and in that love sometimes they meet and sometimes they separat, but their love always remains alive Romance 4. Ghar ki izzat sanskaro par khadi hoti ha, daulat ke dherro par nahi The respect of the house stands on cultur, not on stacks of money House, Money, Drama 5. Public stage par aate hi shaitan bhi devtaon ki tarah bolne lagta hai On a public stage even a devil speaks like the God Comedy 6. Jab pyar karne waale apne jazbaato ko dabaka, rishto ko koi doosra naam dete ha, toh kabhi na kabh, kahin na kahin jazbaat phoot phootke rone lagte hai When people in love suppress their emotion, and give an alternate name to their relation, then at some point and at some place those emotions cry a lot Romance, Sad, Drama 7. Ishwar ko matlab se nah, dil se puja jaata hai You don't pray to God for a reaso, you pray by the heart Religious, Inspiration

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