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Pran Upkar dialogues
1. Ration par bhashan bahut ha, lekin bhashan par ration koi nahi There are a lot of lectures on ratio, but there is no ration on listening to a lecture Comedy
Manoj Kumar Upkar dialogues
1. Zameen toh maa hoti ha, aur maa ke tukde nahi kiye jaate The land is the mothe, and one does not divide a mother into pieces Patriotism, Parents 2. Aap hamare paseene se logon ka khoon chooste hai You suck the blood out of people using our sweat Drama 3. Vishvas toh ek aaisa bandhan ha, Joek insaan ko doosre insaan ke kareeb lata hai The bond of fait, brings one person closer to another person Drama
Asha Parekh Upkar dialogues
1. Shehar mein rehka, nayi roshni mein palka, hamara libaas badal sakta ha, hamari sabhyata toh nahi Living in a city and growing up in new sunligh, can change our attir, but not our civility Inspiration, Places, Clothes 2. Yeh dharti ek aaisi hatheli ha, jis par kisaan hal chalaka, insaan ke taqdeer ki lakeerein kheenchta hai This land is like the pal, on which farmers plough and make lines on i, creating the destiny of humans Drama, Destiny, Luck
Anonymous Upkar dialogues
1. Logon ke paas tann dhakne ko kapda nah, aur inhe tann dhakne ka shaunk nahi People don't have clothes to cover their bod, and these people don't like to cover their body Clothes, Comedy

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