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Anonymous Toofan dialogues
1. Tujhe Pavan-putra ka vardaan hai ' unka diya hua dhanush baan hai ' teri raksha ke liye toofan hai You have the blessings of Lord Hanuma, you have his bow and arro, and the storm is there for your protection Religious, Weather
Amrita Singh Toofan dialogues
1. Achcha ladka dhoondne se nahi ' kismat se milta hai You don't find a good boy by looking for hi, you get him with destiny Destiny, Luck, Drama
Amitabh Bachchan Toofan dialogues
1. Jab jab zulm ki aandhi badti hai ' usse rokne ke liye ek toofan aata hai Whenever the wind of injustice grow, there comes a storm to stop it Drama, Weather 2. Mohabbat ki maar ka bada meetha meetha dard hota hai The pain from the wound of love is very sweet Romance

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