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Vidya Balan The Dirty Picture dialogues
1. Jab zindagi ek bar mili hai to, do bar kyun soche When life is given only onc, then why think twice Life 2. Taarif mein gaali de rahe ho yah gaali mein taarif kar rahe ho Are you cursing me in a praise or are you praising me in a curse Comedy 3. Kuch logo ka naam unke kaam se hota hai, mera badnaam hoker hua hain Some people make their name from their wor, I have spoilt mine with my work Drama, Job 4. Filmein sirf teen cheezo ke wajah se chalti ha, entertainmen, entertainmen, entertainmen, aur main entertainment hoon Films do well only because of 3 reason, entertainmen, entertainmen, entertainmen, and I am entertainment Comedy 5. Main Silk hoo, Sil, koi film nahin Jointerval ke baad badal jaoongi I am Sil, Sil, not a film that will change after the interval Royal
Tusshar Kapoor The Dirty Picture dialogues
1. Girlfriend pehle pehle malai jaisi lagti hai, phir dheere dheere cholesterol jaisa feel deti hai, and finally seedhe heart attack Initially the girlfriend looks like crea, then slowly slowly gives the feel like cholestero, and finally direct heart attack Comedy, Women, Food 2. Dil bhale hi left mein hota ha, lekin uske faisley hamesha right hote hai Even though the heart is on the lef, but its decisions are always right Comedy 3. Tumhari baaton mein itna horsepower hai n, ki aadmi ke dimag kharab ho jaate hain aur godhon ka chalna shuru Your talks have so much horsepower tha, peoples mind go bad and horses start walking Comedy, Animals
Naseeruddin Shah The Dirty Picture dialogues
1. Jab sharafat ke kapde utarte ha, tab sabse zyada mazaa sharifon ko hi aata hai When the clothes of honesty fal, then the honest people enjoy the most Truth, Social, Clothes, Comedy 2. Public samaan dekhti ha, dukaan nahin People look at the good, not the shop Business 3. Heroine ki zindagi is like an elected governmen, paanch saal tak part, uske baad support The life of a heroine is like an elected governmen, party for 5 year, after that support Government, Comedy
Emraan Hashmi The Dirty Picture dialogues
1. Har aadmi ke liye ek aurat bani ha, usse bach gay, toh life ban jayeg, varna gaye For every man there is a women mad, if you survive from he, then life will be se, else you are gone Men, Women, Life 2. Aurat Johai n, rainbow ki tarah hoti ha, jitne rang utne roop Women are like a rainbo, she has many colors and that many guises Women 3. Mujhe to chadhi zehar ki tara, ki ab pani bhi peeta hoon na to aag lag jati hai I was high as if with poiso, that a fire starts even if I drink water Romance 4. Bachche bhi tumse zyada kapde pehente hain Even kids wear more clothes than you Clothes, Comedy
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