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Shahrukh Khan Swades dialogues
1. Mann se Raavan Jonikal, Ram uske mann mein hai Ram lives in the heart of on, who removes Raavan out from their heart Religious, Inspiration 2. Main nahi manta hamara desh duniya ka sabse mahaan desh ha, lekin yeh zaroor manta hoo, ki hum mein kabliyat ha, taqat ha, apne desh ko mahaan banane ki I don't believe our country is the best country in the worl, but I do believ, that we have the potential and the strengt, to make our country the best Patriotism, Inspiration 3. Jab bhi hum muqabale mein dabne lagte ha, tok hum ek hi cheez ka aadhaar lete ha, sanska, parampara Whenever we are under pressure in a competitio, then we always say one thin, cultur, tradition Defeat & Failure, Drama 4. Hum sab ek doosre ko dosh de rahe ha, jab ki sachchai yeh hai k, hum sab hi doshi hai We all are blaming each othe, when the truth is tha, we all are culprits Truth, Social
Daya Shankar Pandey Swades dialogues
1. Apne aangan ki bedh doosre ke ghar mein phale phoole to, ghar ke armaan maati mein mil jaate hai If the sheep of my courtyard is living and growing in someone else's hous, then the wishes of my home will get mixed in clay House, Animals 2. Apni chaukhat ka diy, giving light to neighbor's house The lamp on my doorste, is giving light to my neighbor's house Comedy
Anonymous Swades dialogues
1. Apne hi paani mein pighal jaana barf ka muqaddar hota hai It is the destiny of ice to melt in its own water Inspiration, Drama 2. Mere aasuyon ka swa, mere mann ka namak hi samajhta hai Only the salt of my hear, can understand the taste of my tears Sad, Drama 3. Jokabhi nahi jat, us hi ko jaati kehte hai The thing that never goe, that thing is called caste Drama 4. Sher aur bakri ek ghat par paani nahi pee sakat hai A tiger and a shee, cannot drink water on the same mountain Animals, Food

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