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Vindu Dara Singh Son Of Sardaar dialogues
1. Ghar ke andhar ice cream ko dekhk, mere mooh mein Niagara Falls aa gaya tha Seeing ice cream in the hous, there is Niagara Falls flowing in my mouth Food, Comedy
Sonakshi Sinha Son Of Sardaar dialogues
1. Jithe maafi hai uthe pyar ha, jithe pyar hai uthe rab hai Where there is forgiveness there is lov, and where there is love there is God Drama, Religious 2. Think of kamina aur kamina haazir Think of the scoundrel and the scoundrel is here Comedy
Sanjay Dutt Son Of Sardaar dialogues
1. Buddhe ke mooh mein toffee aur mehmaan ke mooh se maaf, achchi nahi lagti A toffee in a old mans mouth and sorry from a guests mout, don't look good Guest, Comedy 2. Apne ghar mein kutta bhi sher hota ha, lekin sher har jagah sher hota hai Even a dog is a tiger in his own hous, but a tiger is a tiger everywhere Animals, House 3. Har khothe jaise dikhne waali cheez khothi nahi hot, aur har bhook ka ilaaj roti nahi hoti Everything that looks useless is not useles, and every hunger is not satisfied with food Poetic, Comedy, Food 4. Yeh dil hai n, tractor ki engine ki tarah dhadakhta hai This hear, beats like a tractors engine Transportation, Comedy 5. Bachpan ki pant jawani mein fit nahi hot, aur har no ball pe free hit nahi hoti The pant of childhood doesn't fit in yout, and every no ball doesn't have a free hit Poetic, Sports, Comedy 6. Khet ka ganna teh romantic picture ka hero Rajesh Khann, bulaye nahi jaande Sugarcane from the farms and romantic movies hero Rajesh Khann, are never forgotton Food, Comedy 7. Kudi da patla lak te munde da good luc, dono luck ki baat hoti hai A girls slim waist and a boys good luc, both are dependent on luck Destiny, Luck, Comedy 8. Oye oye oye yaad mat dil, rom rom romantic ho jata hai Oh don't remind me of tha, my every part gets romantic Comedy, Romance 9. Jobheed mein shikaar kare woh sher nahin thug hota ha, aur agar dushman tagda h, toh usse maarne ka mazaa hi alag hota hai One who hunts in a group is a thug not a tige, and if the enemy is stron, then it is great fun to kill him Action, Poetic, Enemy 10. Power waale chashme te chadahi hui kasm, ek baar chad jaati hai na toh utaari nahi jaati Eyeglasses of power and given promise, once they come along they never go away Comedy
Salman Khan Son Of Sardaar dialogues
1. A for Apple teh H for He, Pathan is saying ki there and the, kuch bhi le lena lekin Pathan ke yaar se panga na lena A for Apple and H for Hen ...Pathan is saying there and the, do anything but don't mess with Pathan's friend Comedy, Food, Animals 2. Khush naseeb hote hai woh bete jinke ghar mein aaisa baap pehda hota hai Lucky are those sons who have a father like that born in their house Comedy, House
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