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Tusshar Kapoor Shootout At Wadala dialogues
1. Tu ya toh maarega ya toh marwayeg, marwa diya toh gham nah, lekin agar maara toh phir hum kisise kum nahi You will either kill me or get me kille, if you get me killed then its fin, but if you try to kill me then remembe, I am no else either Action 2. Dosti ka koi mazhab nahi hota Friendship has no religion Friendship, Religious 3. Tu agar upar nahi gaya n, toh ek din bahut upar jayega If you don't get kille, then one day you will reach great heights Comedy 4. Jail mein ladn, marn, maarna sab maaf ha, mooh kholna maaf nahi hai In jail it is ok to figh, die and kil, but it is not ok to open your mouth Action, Drama 5. Saale mein itna muscle hai ki kisiko bhi masal sakta hai Bloody he has so much muscles that he can smash anyone Action
Sonu Sood Shootout At Wadala dialogues
1. Maafi galatiyo ki hoti ha, gunaaho ki nahi Apology is for mistake, not for crimes Crime, Drama 2. Phasal barsaat se ughti ha, badal ke garajne se nahi Crops grow with rain, not by the thundering of clouds Weather, Drama
Manoj Bajpai Shootout At Wadala dialogues
1. Badshah ki gali mein aake uska pata nahi poocht, ghulamo ke jhuke hue sarr khud ba khud raasta bata dete hai You don't come to a kings street and ask for his addres, the bowed heads of the slaves will show the path by themselves Royal, Drama
Kangana Ranaut Shootout At Wadala dialogues
1. Jagada tabhi hota hai jab dard hota ha, aur dard tabhi hota hai jab pyar hota hai Fight happens only when there is pai, and pain happens only when there is love Romance
John Abraham Shootout At Wadala dialogues
1. Shareer mein 206 haddiyan ha, aur samvidhan mein 1670 kanoo, haddi se lekar kanoon sab todhta hoon A body has 206 bone, and the constitution has 1670 law, I break everything from bones to laws Action, Law, Justice 2. Tujhe izzat ki roti khilaonga uski koi guarantee nahi de sakt, lekin roti ke saath izzat zaroor dilaonga I cannot guarantee that I can feed you food earned with dignit, but I will definitely give you dignity along with food Food, Drama 3. Itna maroonga ki dard ko bhi samajh nahi aayega ki kaunse zakhm se bahar nikloon I will hit you so much that even pain will get confused as to from which wound should it come out Action 4. Doosra mauka sirf kahaniyan deti ha, zindagi nahi Only stories give a second chanc, not life Life 5. Raftaar tezz na ho toh dushman ki chalayi goli ka kaam aasaan ho jaata hai If your speed is not fast then it makes the job of the enemy's bullet easier Action, Enemy 6. Guneghar toh koi bhi ban sakta ha, lekin yeh yaadgar banne ka mauka hai Any one can become a crimina, but this is the moment to become to famous Crime
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