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Vivek Oberoi Shootout At Lokhandwala dialogues
1. Apun yahan aakha Bombay ko apna office banake behtha hai I have made the whole of Bombay as my office Places, Business 2. Apun ka haath Dubai tak pahuchega My hand will reach till Dubai Places 3. Saala tu-heech apun ki fielding lagaya Bloody its you who has complained about me Rowdyism 4. Aankh kya khopdi mein showpiece ke liye lagayela hai, Do you have your eyes in the head as a showpiece or what, Comedy 5. Apun ka dhanda darr pe chalta ha, sirf darr Our business runs on fea, just fear Business
Sanjay Dutt Shootout At Lokhandwala dialogues
1. Aadmi khata, toh files khatam Man die, then files close Rowdyism 2. Tum logo ke bheje mein baat toh jaati nahi ha, sirf goli jaati hai There is no talk that goes in your brai, only a bullet goes Action 3. Tumhare aur mere beech sirf ek hi cheez ho sakti ha, maaro ya marro There can only be one thing between you and m, kill or die Action 4. Informers police waale ke teesre kaan hote hai Informers are the third ear of the police Police
Arbaaz Khan Shootout At Lokhandwala dialogues
1. Auraton ke dil mom ke hote ha, do meethi baaton se pighal jaate hai The heart of women is made from wa, it melts with a couple of sweet talks Women
Anonymous Shootout At Lokhandwala dialogues
1. Apni line mein sab log gutter se nikalkar aate ha, kuch log upar nikal jaate ha, aur kuch log goli khakar vapas gattar mein gir jaate hai In our business everyone comes from a gutte, some people move u, and some people take a bullet and go back in the gutter Action, Drama

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