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Seema Biswas Shaurya dialogues
1. Gunaah mein hisaab kitaab nahi chalta In a crime there are no accounts Crime, Drama
Kay Kay Menon Shaurya dialogues
1. Border pe marne se zyada bada nasha koi nahin hai There is no intoxication bigger than dying on the border Patriotism, Death 2. Dushman sirf border ke uss paar nahin hot, ghar ke andhar bhi hota hai An enemy can not only be on the other side of the borde, he can also be inside the house Enemy, House, Drama 3. Jab zindagi credit pe chal rahi ho n, toh vastavikta thodi si dhundli ho jaati hai When life is running on credi, then reality becomes a little bit foggy Life, Drama 4. Main hamesha ek second aage rehta hoon I am always ahead by 1 second Time
Javed Jaffrey Shaurya dialogues
1. Jung mein jab shoot karne ka order dete hai to, kab kahan kaise uska toh pata hota hai magar kyu, fauji ko nah yeh batate ha, na usse janane ka haq hota hai In a war when you get an order to shoo, you know whe, where and how to do tha, but wh, a soldier is never told the reason behind it and neither does he have the right to know that War, Drama
Amrita Rao Shaurya dialogues
1. Shaurya sirf kisi ko maar girane ko nahi keht, shaurya sirf salaami dene ko nahi keht, shaurya toh hamare bahut andhar hota ha, ek hausl, ek himmat Bravery is not only to kill someon, bravery is not only to salute someon, bravery is within u, it is the spiri, it is the courage Courage, Inspiration, Drama

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