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Manoj Bajpai Satya dialogues
1. Mumbai ka king kaun, Bhiku Mhatre Who is the king of Mumbai, Bhiku Mhatre Rowdyism 2. Karna ha, toh karna hai If we have to do i, we have to do it Rowdyism
Chakravarthi Satya dialogues
1. Poochne ke liye zinda rehna zaroori hota hai To as, it is important to be alive Drama 2. Mauka sabhi ko milta hai Everyone gets an opportunity Drama 3. Agar maarna h, toh bolne ki zaroorat kya hai, If we want to kil, then what is need to tell, Action 4. Apne dhande mein wohi jeetta ha, Jopehla haath marta hai The one who wins in our busines, takes the first hand Business 5. Hum unke darr se fayda ha, maut se nahin We benefit when they are scare, not when they are dead Death
Anonymous Satya dialogues
1. Politician sabse bada bhai hai Politician is the biggest goon Politics 2. Ek gaya apan ke dhande mei, to sab jaayega If one goes in our busines, then all will go Business

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