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Vyjayanthimala Sangam dialogues
1. Aaj itni derr ho gay, kabhi darwaze ko dekhte the kabhi waqt k, na tum aate the na waqt jata tha Today you are so lat, sometimes I looked at the door and sometimes I looked at the tim, neither would you come and neither would the time pass Time, Romance
Rajendra Kumar Sangam dialogues
1. Aaj tak mujh mein sach kehne ki shakti nahi th, aur aaj tum mein sach sunne ki shakti nahi hai Until today I didn't have the strength to say the trut, and today you don't have the strength to listen to the truth Truth, Social, Drama
Raj Kapoor Sangam dialogues
1. Hum toh dil ke saudagar ha, dil khareedte ha, dil bechte hai I am a heart merchan, I buy heart, I sell hearts Comedy 2. Sangam toh woh hai jahan di, dil se milta ha, atm, atma se milke paramatma ho jati hai A confluence is where a heart meets a hear, a soul meets a soul and becomes a supreme soul Romance 3. Sab kuch khuda se mang liya tujhko mangka, uthte nahi hai haath mere is dua ke baad By asking for yo, I've asked everything from Go, now my hands don't rise after that prayer of mine Romance, Religious 4. Roye toh yaar ke kandhe pa, jaaye toh yaar ke kandhe par If you cr, cry on a friends shoulde, if you di, go on a friends shoulder Friendship 5. Dukh tumne mujhe nahi diya ha, maine apne aap ko dukh diya hai You haven't given me any sorro, I have given myself sorrow Sad

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