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Rajinikanth Robot dialogues
1. Speed one terahert, memory one zettabyte Speed one terahert, memory one zettabyte Technical 2. Main dikhta ek insaan hoon par hoon ek machine I look like a human but I am a machine Technical 3. Agar khud samne aa gaye toh bina dard ki maut doong, aur agar maine tumhe pakda toh woh maut badi khatarnak hogi If you come forward by yourself then I will give you a painless deat, but if I catch you then that death will be very dangerous Action, Death 4. Kis liye lade jun, kis liye hai yeh hathyaa, dushmano ko bhi bana de dos, aisa hai yeh pyar For whom should we figh, for whom are these weapon, love is such a thin, that can turn enemies into friends Poetic, Inspiration, Friendship 5. Manushya ki banayi hui do hi cheez kamaal ki ha, ek main doosri tum Only two things made by humans are grea, one is me and other is you Romance

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