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Vir Das Revolver Rani dialogues
1. Sheeshi bhari gulaab ki koi yunhi todta nah, pathar mein bhi dil hai koi kyun dhoondta nahi No one breaks a bottle full of rose water just like tha, even a stone has a hear, why doesn't anyone look for it Poetic
Kangana Ranaut Revolver Rani dialogues
1. Ram Ram saban ne Ram Ra, subah ki Ram Ram naga, sandhya ki Ram Ram advance I am wishing everyon, the wishes for the morning are right no, and the wishes for the evening are in advance Comedy 2. I love phasio, phun aur gun I love fashio, fun and gun Action, Clothes 3. Waqt aane de bata denge tujhe aye jaha, hum abhi se kya bataei, kya hamare dil mein hai Let the time com, I'll tell to the worl, why should I say from now itsel, what is in my heart Poetic, Time
Anonymous Revolver Rani dialogues
1. Zulm-e-ulfat par kyun log sazaa dete ha, kaise nadan hai Josholon ko hawa dete hai Why do people punish for injustic, how silly are the people who give air to the embers Poetic

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