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Vivek Mushran Ram Jaane dialogues
1. Duniya uske liye lutao jiski duniya sooni hai Spend the world for someone who is alone in the world Inspiration 2. Yeh zindagi tera karz hai mujhpa, jab chahe hisaab chuka lena This life is a loan on me from yo, whenever you want clear the account Life, Drama
Shahrukh Khan Ram Jaane dialogues
1. Oonchi building mein rehne waala footpath pe chalne waala ka khoon choosta hai People who live in big buildings suck the blood of people who walk on the footpath Drama 2. Jomaidan mein ghutne tek de woh dosti karne ke kabil nahi re One who gives up on the ground is not worth being a friend Friendship, Drama 3. Dil mein ghusne se pehle ladki log knock kaiko nahi karta hai re, Why don't girls knock before entering the heart, Romance, Women 4. Tu is duniya mein first time aake itna nahi roya hoyeng, jitna tu aaj is duniya se jaate time royenga You wouldn't have cried so much when you came in this world the first tim, than what you will cry today while going from this world Action 5. Jahan par dus log kaam kareng, wahan pe ek na ek gaddar to zaroor niklenga Where ten people wor, out ther, there has to be at least one traitor Drama 6. Apun to khud saala maut ha, is liye aaj talak zindagi ka himmat nahi pad, ki apun ko nazdeek se aakar dekhe Bloody I am death mysel, that's why to date life does not have the courag, to come and see me from near Death, Life, Courage
Juhi Chawla Ram Jaane dialogues
1. Tumhari zabaan chahe Jokah, main tumhari aankhen padh sakti hoon Whatever your words may sa, I can read your eyes Romance
Gulshan Grover Ram Jaane dialogues
1. Panga unse liya jaata ha, Joapne se zyada taqatwar ho One should dispute with someon, who is more stronger than us Rowdyism 2. Humse aankhen milane wal, bahut jaldi aankhen bandh kar deta hai One who looks to me in the eye, closes his eyes very shortly Drama
Anonymous Ram Jaane dialogues
1. Jise doosron ka pyar milta ha, woh bada kismat wala hota hai One who gets love from other, is very lucky Destiny, Luck, Drama 2. Yeh apun ka style hai ky, jiyo toh seena taan ke jiy, maro toh seena taan ke maro This is my style you understan, when you live lif, live boldl, when you di, die boldly Life, Death 3. Jokhud mirchi ho unhe mirchi nahi lagti One who is spice does not feel spicy Food, Comedy

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