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Esha Gupta Raaz 3 dialogues
1. Filmon mein acting karna mera pesha ha, meri pehchaan nahi To act in films is my professio, not my identity Job 2. Ab mere paas khushiyan nah, sirf gham hi gham ha, ab mere paas logon ki bheed nah, sirf akelapan hai Now I only have sorrow and no happines, now I only have loneliness and not people around me Poetic, Sad, Happiness
Emraan Hashmi Raaz 3 dialogues
1. Khuda humko aaisi khudai naa d, ke apne sivah aur kuch dikhai naa de Oh God don't give me the virtue wher, I don't see anything other than me Poetic, Drama 2. Woh pyar Johum apne aap se nah, balki aurron se karte ha, jab hum sirf apne liye hi nah, aurron ke liye bhi jeete ha, woh raaz ha, jiska naam zindagi hai The love that we have not just for u, but for others als, the life that we live not only for u, but for others als, that is the secre, which we call as life Life, Romance 3. Film wohi kamyab hoti ha, Jodil se banayi jay, akal se nahi Only those films are successfu, which are made from the hear, not from the mind Win, Strong will, Success, Drama
Bipasha Basu Raaz 3 dialogues
1. Meri zindag, meri khushiyan sab mera career hai My lif, my happiness is my career Job, Life, Happiness

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