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Tej Sapru Pratikaar dialogues
1. Suspended police officer ki positio, izzat looti aurat ki tarah ho jaati hai The honor of a suspended police office, is like that of a woman who has been raped Police, Drama
Rakhee Gulzar Pratikaar dialogues
1. Wafaadari ke liye bhale hi kutta paal l, magar policewaalon se rishta mat jodo For honest, if you want nurture a do, but do not build a relation with policemen Truth, Social, Animals, Police 2. Maa is dharti ka sabse mahaan sukh hai .. maa prem ki murat ha, maa ki parchai mein mamta ha, maa bhagwan ka doosra roop ha, maa ke pairon tale swarg hai A mother is the best happiness in this worl, a mother is an idol for lov, a mother has her love in her shado, a mother is a disguise of Go, and there is heaven in the feet of a mother Parents, Inspiration, Happiness
Anonymous Pratikaar dialogues
1. Ek mujrim ke liye kanoon waale ke dil mein kabhi pyar paida nahi ho sakta There can never be any love for a criminal in the heart of a cop Crime, Police, Drama

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