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Sanjay Mishra Phas Gaye Re Obama dialogues
1. Insaaniyat ka farz hai ek doosre ke kaam aana It is the duty of humanity to help each other out Inspiration, Drama
Rajat Kapoor Phas Gaye Re Obama dialogues
1. Chaar paisa jeb mein aata hai n, toh confidence apne aap aa jaata hai When you have some money in your pocke, then confidence comes by itself Money, Drama
Neha Dhupia Phas Gaye Re Obama dialogues
1. Mard toh mard hi hota ha, chahe kahin ka bhi ho A man is a ma, no matter where he is from Men, Drama 2. Kutte ki dumm aur mard ki aka, kabhi seedhi nahi ho sakti A dog's tail and a man's min, can never be straight Animals, Men, Comedy 3. Darre woh Joloha na khaate ho Those who don't eat iron should be scared Action
Anonymous Phas Gaye Re Obama dialogues
1. Jab kismat mein likhe ho hathod, toh kahan se milenge pakore, When a hammer in written in your destin, then how will you get fritters, Food, Destiny, Luck, Comedy 2. Jitna baateg, utna badega beta My so, the more you share the more you will grow Inspiration, Drama 3. Apne hi apno ke kaam aate hai Only the near and dear ones come handy Drama
Amole Gupte Phas Gaye Re Obama dialogues
1. Tezaab nikalta hai is ghar ke nalko se The taps of this house pour acid House, Comedy

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