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Konkona Sen Omkara dialogues
1. Hassi badi mehangi ho rakhi hai duniya mein A smile is getting more and more expensive in the world Happiness 2. Mard aur aurat mein kadhai karchi ka rishta hov, akele rehve toh manoosiy, aur saale saath rehve toh khana ka, khana ka, khana kan The relationship of a man and a woman is like that of a pan and a stirre, when they are alon, they are useles, and when they stay togethe, then they make a lot of noise Men, Women, Comedy
Kareena Kapoor Omkara dialogues
1. Chaand jab aadha ho jaave hai n, toh bhi chaand hi kehlave hai When the moon becomes hal, it is still called as the moon Romance
Anonymous Omkara dialogues
1. Joladki apne baap ko thug sakti ha, woh kisi aur ki sagi kya hogi The girl who betray's her own fathe, how can she be trusted by anyone else Parents, Cheating
Ajay Devgan Omkara dialogues
1. Joagwai ka kaam kare so hijra bhaisaab Brothe, those who do the work of kidnapping are eunuchs Crime 2. Sarat ghodon pe lagate ha, kathor sheron pe nahi Bets should be placed on horse, not on cruel lions Animals 3. Badi lakdi mat utha kuptaan! Captai, don't try to do big things! Comedy

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