No One Killed Jessica movie dialogues with meaning

Everybody is somebody in Delh? nobody is a nobody.SameActor: Rani Mukherji   | Places

Justice has been denie? you can live with it. I will not.SameActor: Rani Mukherji   | Law, Justice, Strong will

Taakat sirf taaqatwar logon ke paas hoti hai
Aam aadmi ke paas hoti hai to bas usey sahne ki taqat.
Only powerful people have the strength.
A common man only has the habit to bear it(strength).
Actor: Rani Mukherji   | Social

Log kahte hain Mumbai is about money but Delhi is about power.People says: Mumbai is about money but Delhi is about power.Actor: Rani Mukherji   | Places

The screenplay is written by Raj Kumar Gupta. Raj Kumar Gupta has written the dialogues of No One Killed Jessica. The crime, thriller hindi flick is based on the real life incident which happened in Delhi. The movie stars two women: Rani Mukherji and Vidya Balan in the lead roles and is directed by Rakumar Gupta. After releasing on 7th of January, 2011 on Box Office, the movie gaines positive reviews from critics and earned 58 crore rupees. The film got many nominations in various film awards and won 6 of them, mostly by Rani Mukherji for her performance.We have 4 movie quotes of No One Killed Jessica bollywood movie.