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Shahrukh Khan My Name Is Khan dialogues
1. Mujhe darr toh bahut si cheezon se lagta ha, par sabse zyada darr tumhe kho dene ke khayal se lagta hai I am scared of a lot of thing, but the thing that scares me the most is the thought of losing you Romance 2. Kuch khaas awaazon se dil ki dhadkane tezz ho jaati hai The heartbeat gets faster when you hear some special voices Romance 3. My name is Kha, and I'm not a terrorist My name is Kha, and I'm not a terrorist Drama 4. Main jaanta tha ki 9-11 mein maare gaye anginat masoomo ki maut ki keema, puri insaaniyat ko chukani hogi I knew that the price for countless innocent people who died on 9-1, will have to be paid by the entire humanity Drama, Death 5. Ho sakta hai aap logon ko main thoda sa alag lago, iska yeh matlab nahi ki main pagal hoo, main bahut intelligent hoo, very smart It is possible that I may look different to you guy, that does not mean I am ma, I am very intelligen, very smart Comedy 6. Jab ek begunaah marta ha, toh uski maut ke saath saari insaaniyat ki bhi maut ho jaati hai When an innocent person die, then all the humanity also dies with his death Death, Drama 7. Namaaz jagah aur logon se nah, neeyat se padhi jaati hai To pray you don't need to look at the place and the peopl, you need to look at the intention Inspiration, Religious 8. Achche insaan hamesha achche kaam karte hai Good people always do good things Drama 9. Rishtey sirf khoon se nahi hot, mohabbat se bhi bante hai Relations are not only made from bloo, they are also made with love Drama 10. Beauty products se sirf chehra nikharta ha, khoobsurati nahi badhti Beauty products can only help brighten the fac, not the beauty Romance
Kajol My Name Is Khan dialogues
1. Darrne mein koi burai nahi ha, bas apne darr ko itna bada mat bana d, ke tumhe aage badne se rok le There is nothing wrong in being scare, just don't let your fear be so bi, that it stops you from moving ahead Inspiration, Drama
Anonymous My Name Is Khan dialogues
1. Is duniya mein sirf do kism ke insaan ha, achche insaan Joachcha kaam karte hai aur bure Jobura In this world there are only 2 types of peopl, good people who do good work and bad people who do bad Drama

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