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Sanjay Dutt Munnabhai MBBS dialogues
1. Woh bahar casualty mein koi marne ki haalat mein rah, to usko form bharna zaroori hai kya, If someone outside in casualty is about to di, then do they have to fill the form, Rowdyism 2. Do-sau-che type ka sirf haddi ha, todhne ke time apun log sochte they kya There are 206 types of bone, while breaking them did we ever think about it Action, Comedy 3. Boyfriend bole toh, Boyfriend as in, Comedy 4. Agar do logon mein connection ho n, feelings ho n, toh dil ki awaaz dil se sun sakte hai If there is connection and feelings between two peopl, then their hearts talk to each other Romance 5. Aye Mam, jadoo ki jhappi de daal aur baat khatam Hey brothe, give a magical hug and end the matter Inspiration, Happiness 6. Carrom ramwan, juice pivan, mazza ni life Play carro, drink juic, life is great Sports, Food, Life 7. Jab tum smile karta hai n, toh aisa lagta hai ki kya mast life hai When you smil, it feels as if life is great Romance, Life
Arshad Warsi Munnabhai MBBS dialogues
1. Bhai yeh room to, shuru hote hi khatam ho gaya Brother what room is thi, it ends as it starts House, Comedy 2. Life mein jab time kam rehta hai n, double jeene k, double In life when you have less tim, live doubl, double Life, Time, Inspiration 3. Bha, tension nahin lene ka bhai Brothe, don't take tension brother Rowdyism 4. Aye bhai agar main hal chalayeg, toh bhail kya karega, Hey brother if I drive the ploug, then what will the bull do, Animals, Comedy

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