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Harish Patel Mr India dialogues
1. Gayi bhains pani mein The buffalo went in the water Animals, Comedy
Anonymous Mr India dialogues
1. Calendar khana lao, Calendar khana lao! Calendar get the food, Calendar get the food! Food 2. Indian God marta ha, aur hasta bhi hai Indian God hit, and laughs also Comedy, Religious
Anil Kapoor Mr India dialogues
1. Aaj tak tum log baimaani aur zulm ka bazaar garam karte rah, magar ab tumhare zulm aur paap ke pyale chalak uthe ha, ab tumhare ek ek jurm ka hisaab liya jayega Till today you guys have been heating up the market of dishonesty and injustic, but now your bowls of injustice and sin are ful, and now every single crime of yours will be accounted for Crime, Drama
Amrish Puri Mr India dialogues
1. Mogambo khush hua Mogambo is happy Action, Happiness

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