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Suresh Oberoi Mirch Masala dialogues
1. Nazar par bhi nazar rakhni padti hai You have to keep an eye on the eye Drama
Naseeruddin Shah Mirch Masala dialogues
1. Baat agar hadd se badh jaay, toh batangar bann jaati hai If the news rises above its limit, then it becomes a nuisance Drama
Harish Patel Mirch Masala dialogues
1. Sankat ke samay toh savdhani hi sabse bada dharm hai Precaution is the biggest religion during the times of difficulty Time, Drama
Dina Pathak Mirch Masala dialogues
1. Izzat amiron ka shaunk hai Reputation is a pastime of the rich Drama
Anonymous Mirch Masala dialogues
1. Sher jab ek baar khoon chak leta ha, toh adamkhor ho jaata hai Once a tiger has tasted bloo, then he becomes a maneater Animals

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