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Vivek Oberoi Masti dialogues
1. Tumse aadhe second ki bhi doori mujhe aadha kar deti hai Staying away half a second from yo, turns me into half Romance 2. Ladki aur kadk, Meet ka baal bhi baanka nahi kar sakti Girl and povert, can't affect Meet at all Comedy 3. Shaadi ke saath na sirf engagement ring aur wedding ring aate ha, balki ek aur ring bhi aata ha, suffering With marriage you not only get engagement ring and wedding rin, but there is one more ring that you ge, suffering Wedding, Comedy 4. Dal fry ho yah biryan, ghar ka khana chang, bahar khane jaog, toh ho jayega panga Be it lentil soup or biryan, home made food is grea, if you go to eat ou, then there will be a problem Poetic, Food, Comedy 5. Pehli baar sunne mein tera har idea bahut achcha lagta ha, baad mein saala kachcha nikalta hai Your idea sounds very good when we hear it for the first tim, but then our underwears come out Clothes, Comedy 6. Ladkiyan aur di, subah hote hi badalne chahiye Girls and dat, should be changed every morning Comedy 7. Meri biwi toh space mein ghumti us satellite ki tarah ha, Jochaubeeso ghante mere sar par mandrati hai aur mujhpar nazar rakhti hai My wife is like a roaming satellite in the spac, who keeps circling on my head 24 hours and keeps a watch on me Married, Technical, Comedy
Satish Shah Masti dialogues
1. Raaste ke beech mein pre, what a shame Making love in the middle of the roa, what a shame Comedy 2. Biwiyon ko zyada sar pe nahi chadana chahiy, varna woh sar ka dard ban jaati hai You shouldn't pamper your wife a lo, otherwise they'll become a headache Married, Comedy
Archana Puran Singh Masti dialogues
1. Parathe maange toh chaante milenge If you ask for flatbreads then you will get slaps Food, Comedy
Anonymous Masti dialogues
1. Mujhe bhoolne ki galati karog, toh khud ek yaad banke reh jaoge If you do the mistake of forgetting m, then you yourself will become a thought Drama
Ajay Devgan Masti dialogues
1. Duniya mein teen cheezein nikalne ke liye ungli tedhi karni padti ha, dibbe mein se ghe, gair kanooni bast, aur shaadi shuda mardon mein se masti In this world there are 3 things for which one needs to turn their finger to remove it ou, clarified butter from its containe, illegal colon, and fun from married men Food, Men 2. Duniya mein teen cheezein bin bulaye aa jaati ha, mau, julaab aur yeh janaab In this world there are 3 things that come uninvite, deat, diarrhea and this gentleman Death, Comedy 3. Duniya mein sirf teen cheezein hai Jokitni bhi koshish karo tedhi ki tedhi rehti ha, kutte ki du, padosi mulk ki niya, aur Sikandar ke haathon se maroordi hui gardan In this world there are 3 things that never get straight no matter how much you tr, a dogs tai, the intention of our neighboring countr, and the neck that has been twisted by Sikandar's hand Animals, Action 4. Bomb ke phatne se dhamaka nikalta ha, patloon ke phatne se dhaga nikalta ha, aur air condition kamre mein agar kisi ki phatti hai to, paseena nikalta hai When a bomb explodes the blast comes ou, when a pant tears the thread comes ou, and in an air condition room when someone is scare, sweat comes out Poetic, Comedy, Clothes
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