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Shabana Azmi Main Azaad Hoon dialogues
1. Jism ki maut insaan ki maut nahi hoti The death of a body is not the death of a person Death, Inspiration
Manohar Singh Main Azaad Hoon dialogues
1. Election mein gareebo se vaade aur ameero se saude kiye jaate hai During elections you make promises to the poor and deals with the rich Politics, Drama 2. Yeh woh zamanaa hai ki tum aahista se sach bolog, toh koi nahi maneg, aur zor se jhoot bolog, toh sab maan lenge This is a generation in which if you say the truth quietl, no one will liste, and if you shout and say lie, then everyone will listen Truth, Social, Cheating, Drama
Amitabh Bachchan Main Azaad Hoon dialogues
1. Aadha sach jhoot se bhi zyada khatarnak hota hai Half truth is more dangerous than lies Truth, Social, Cheating, Drama 2. Raat ke sannate mein jab kisi bhooke bachche ke rone ki awaaz aati ha, toh raat bahut kaali lagti hai When you hear a hungry child crying in the silence of the nigh, then the night feels very dark Drama 3. Tum is samaaj ke liye sivah maut aur andhere ke kuch nahi ho You are nothing but death and darkness for this society Drama, Death 4. Itne baazu itne sa, ginle dushman dhyan s, harega woh har baaz, jab khelein hum jee jaan se So many hands and so many head, let the enemy count them properl, he will lose every battl, when we play with our heart Poem, Inspiration, War

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