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Shruti Haasan Luck dialogues
1. Kabhi kabhi zindagi mein kuch cheezein bina sooche karni chahiye Sometimes in life you should do things without thinking Life, Drama
Sanjay Dutt Luck dialogues
1. Ek goli daal, paanch khal, sir pe taan, khopdi khaali Put one bulle, leave five empt, aim on the hea, empty skull Action 2. Sahi time par sahi jagah hon, sahi time par sahi baat karn, aur sahi time par sahi kaam uthan, iss hi ko luck kehte hai Being at the right place at the right tim, saying the right thing at the right tim, picking the right work at the right tim, is called luck Time, Destiny, Luck 3. Tujhe yahan laya kau, tera luc, aur tujhe bhejega kau, tera luck Who brought you her, your luc, and who will send yo, your luck Destiny, Luck 4. Luck saala ek hi cheez ki guarantee ke saath aata ha, ki woh kabhi bhi badal sakta hai Luck comes only with one guarante, that it can change anytime Destiny, Luck, Drama 5. Zindagi mein luck bhi sirf uska saath deta ha, jis mein jeetne ka jazba ho In life luck also favors the on, who has the passion for winning Destiny, Luck, Life, Win, Strong will, Success 6. Luck jitna ghista ha, uski dhaar utni hi tezz hoti hai The more you use luc, the more better it gets Destiny, Luck 7. Duniya saali jalti ha, jab taqdeer chalti hai The world feels jealou, when destiny works in your favor Destiny, Luck, Comedy 8. Jua khelne ka mazaa tab aata ha, jab samne waale ka luck mazboot ho The fun in gambling comes whe, the luck of your opponent is strong Gambling, Destiny, Luck 9. Jua woh nasha ha, Joek baar jeete toh insaan ko vapas kheench laata hai Gambling is that intoxicatio, which pulls a person back when they win for the first time Gambling, Drama 10. Jaan dene se lakeerein mitt jaati ha, aur zinda rehne se shayad lakeerein badal sakti hai Your fate is erased when you di, but may be it will change if you stay alive Destiny, Luck, Drama 11. Waqt ki fitrat khol de kisma, khud pe bharosa hai toh aazmaa le apna luck It is the habit of time to open up destin, and if you trust yoursel, then try your luck Destiny, Luck, Time
Ravi Kishan Luck dialogues
1. Raghav blind khelta ha, saamne waale ko double aana padta hai Raghav plays blin, the opponent has to come double Gambling
Mithun Chakraborty Luck dialogues
1. Insaan ka iraada aur uski taqdee, bolke nahi badalte A person's intention and his destin, change without any notice Destiny, Luck, Drama 2. Dushman ka border ho ya dee hui zubaa, Hindustani sipahi peeche nahi hatta Whether it is the enemies border or a promis, an Indian soldier never steps back Patriotism, Enemy
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