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Shilpa Shetty Life In A Metro dialogues
1. Perfect aadmi sirf kitaabon mein milte hai Perfect men are found only in books Men, Comedy 2. Shaadi aur kuch sikhaye na sikhay, acting karna sikha deti hai Marriage may teach you a few thing, but it definitely teaches you how to act Wedding, Comedy
Manoj Pahwa Life In A Metro dialogues
1. Petrol aur jawani hamesha nahi rehne waal, sambhal ke kharch karo Petrol and youth doesn't last foreve, you should spend it with care Comedy
Irrfan Khan Life In A Metro dialogues
1. Kispe gussa ha, aadmiyon pe gussa ha, logo pe gussa ha, kismat pe gussa ha, bhagwan pe gussa hai, Whom are you angry a, angry at me, angry at peopl, angry at fat, angry at God, Drama, Destiny, Luck 2. Rishtey kisi guarantee card ke saath toh aate nahi hai Relations don't come with a guarantee card Romance 3. Yeh shehar hum mein jitna deta ha, badle mein kahin zyada hum se le leta hai Whatever this city gives u, in return it takes much more from us Places, Drama 4. Abhi servicing ho gayi tumhari You are now serviced Comedy
Dharmendra Life In A Metro dialogues
1. Dil ke mamle mein hamesha dil ki sunni chahiye When it comes to the heart one should always listen to the heart Romance 2. Kuch aur paane ki chaa, kuch aur behtar ki talaas, is hi chakkar mein insaan apna sab kuch kho behetta hai Jouske paas hota ha, talaash kabhi khatam nahi hot, waqt khatam ho jaata hai The desire to get a little mor, the search for something bette, in these swirls a person loses everything that he ha, and the search never end, but the time ends Time, Drama

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