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Ranveer Singh Ladies vs Ricky Bahl dialogues
1. Akele paise kamane mein koi mazaa nahi hai There is no fun in making money alone Money 2. Teda kaam ab mujhse hoga nah, tede ke alava mujhe kuch aata nahi Now I won't be able to do the wrong thing, and I don't know anything other than the wrong things Comedy
Parineeti Chopra Ladies vs Ricky Bahl dialogues
1. Aaj tu mujhe dekh lega n, toh 100 times I love you bolega If you see me toda, you'll say I love you 100 times Romance 2. Kiss na badi kutti cheez hoti ha, kahin se bhi ghus aati hai Kiss is a very bad thin, it comes in between from anywhere Comedy

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