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Nana Patekar Krantiveer dialogues
1. Aa gaye meri maut ka tamasha dekhne So you have come to see the scene of my death Death 2. Yeh Musalman ka khoon yeh Hindu ka khoo, bata is mein Musalman ka kaunsa Hindu ka kauns, bata! This is a Muslim's blood and this is a Hindu's bloo, now tell me which one is Muslim's and which one is Hindu', tell me! Patriotism, Inspiration 3. Upar waala bhi upar se dekhta hoga toh usse sharam aati hog, sochta hoga maine sabse khoobsurat cheez banayi th, insaa, neeche dekha toh sab keede ban gay, keede! Even God must be ashamed when he sees from the to, he must be thinking that he made the most beautiful thin, huma, and when he saw down they all became bug, bugs! Religious, Drama 4. Hum bhale hi upar waale ko alag alag naam se pukarte hai, lekin hamara dharam ek hai mazhab ek ha, insaniyat We may call God with different different name, but our religion is on, humanity Religious, Inspiration, Drama 5. Saale apne khud ke desh mein ek sui nahin bana sakt, aur hamara desh todne ka sapna dekhte hain Bloody they can't make a needle in their own countr, and they dream of destroying our country Patriotism 6. Tumhare napaak kadam aage mat badao, todhkar tumhare gaale mein pehna denge Don't bring your unholy feet forwar, we will break them and wear them on your necks Action 7. Kutte ki tarah jeene ki aadat padhi hai sabko Everyone has become habituated to live life as a dog Animals
Dimple Kapadia Krantiveer dialogues
1. Insaaf nahi mangne se milta hai aur nahi cheenne s, aaj toh insaaf bikta ha, sirf bikta hai You don't get justice by asking and neither by snatchin, today justice is sol, only sold Drama 2. Tumse toh woh vaishyan achchi hoti hai Jobechti zaroor ha, magar apna jism bechti ha, apne desh k, apni aatma k, apne imaan ko nahi bechti A prostitute is better than you because even though she sell, she sells her bod, and not her countr, not her sou, not her dignity Patriotism, Drama
Danny Denzongpa Krantiveer dialogues
1. Hum tumhe aaise jalayeng, ke tere chahne waalo ko Ganga mein bahane ke liye teri raakh bhi naseeb nahi hogi I will burn you in such a way tha, your near ones will not even get your ashes to put them in the river Ganga Action

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