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Shatrughan Sinha Kranti Old dialogues
1. Apni laashon se hum tarikh ko aabad rakh, woh ladai ho ki angrez jisse yaad rakhe We will make the date eternal with our dead bodie, but it should be a fight that the Englishmen should remember Poetic, Patriotism
Manoj Kumar Kranti Old dialogues
1. Zulm aur jhoot ki dhaali par ek baar phal lagta ha, dobara nahi Fruits can grow only once on the branches of injustice and lie, not again Cheating, Plants, Drama
Dilip Kumar Kranti Old dialogues
1. Jab zindagi daudti ha, toh ragon mein behta hua khoon bhi daudta hai When life run, then the blood flowing in the veins also runs Life, Drama 2. Kulhadi mein lakdi ka dasta na hot, toh lakdi ke katne ka rasta na hota If the axe didn't have the handle of woo, then there would have been no way to cut the wood Poetic, Drama

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