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Kabir Bedi Kranti New dialogues
1. Log jahan par soochna band kar dete ha, main wahan se soochna shuru karta hoon Where people stop thinkin, I start thinking from there Inspiration, Drama 2. Joapne upar yakeen nahi kart, log unpar yakeen nahi karte Those who do not believe in themselve, people do not believe in them Inspiration, Drama
Bobby Deol Kranti New dialogues
1. Apni aankhen dekhi hai, jidhar bhi dekhti hai ek rishta kayam kar deti hai Have you seen your eyes, wherever they se, they build a relationship Romance 2. No FI, no arres, no tal, faisla on the spot No repor, no arres, no tal, judgement on the spot Action, Law, Justice 3. Tum ek aaisa buth h, jiske kadmo mein sipahi apni talwa, shahenshah apna taj aur insaan apna dil nikaal ke rakh de You are a statu, in front of which a soldier drops his swor, a king drops his crown and a human drops his heart Romance 4. Galat logo ko choote hi yeh haat, hathyaar ban jaata hai On touching the bad people this han, becomes a weapon Action 5. Aap mantri ha, thik se rahoge toh salute karoong, thik se nahi rahoge toh shoot kar doonga You are a ministe, if you behave well I will salute yo, and if you don't behave well then I will shoot you Politics, Action

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