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Nana Patekar Kohram dialogues
1. Is desh ke gaddaron ko anjaam tak pahunchan, yahi meri zindagi ka maqsad hai To bring the traitors of this country to their en, is the purpose of my life Patriotism, Life
Mukul Dev Kohram dialogues
1. Chori se liya gaya chumm, zindagi ki sabse haseen cheez hoti hai A kiss that is stole, is the most beautiful thing in life Romance, Comedy, Life
Jackie Shroff Kohram dialogues
1. Jab ek fauji ki khopdi garam ho jaati hai toh woh apni hadh hi ky, dushman ki sarhad bhi paar kar jaata hai When the mind of a soldier goes crazy then forget his limit, he even crosses the border of his enemy Patriotism, Action
Amitabh Bachchan Kohram dialogues
1. Jomarkar zinda hote ha, unki zindagi haramzadi ho jaati ha, Jona aasani se marti hai aur na hi kisiko aasan maut maarti hai People who live after being dea, their life becomes that of a bastar, which doesn't die easily and neither does it kill anyone with ease Drama, Life 2. Tum jaise gaddaron ka anth ek alag andaz se hoga The end of traitors like you will be very different Action, Drama

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